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CheeseBurger GM APP.

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CheeseBurger GM APP.

Post  Cheeseburger on Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:06 pm

IGN: CheeseBurger

AGE:14 Turning 15 soon

EXPERIENCE:I Played regular Ms for 3 years i have a level 77 Dragon Knight.
I took a computer Class in school I'm not sure if that will help though. I have never been a Gm Before but if someone helps me I'm sure i can be a great GM


HOW LONG HAVE U PLAYED GABOMS: About a week maybe a little longer.

HOW WILL U BENFIT US: I will host many events not really jump quest. But i Do like Trivia events. I will catch Hackers. I will Make Sure there is no Over Summoning Because I hate Lags. I will Follow All Rules. Maybe I can meet with som1 to teach me gm codes and what to do and what not to do.

ANYTHING ELSE: A lot of Gm's like to abuse there powers and Lie about there Gm app. I am not lying. I will play 5 Hours a day if it means Keeping this server tight. Ending on a good note i hope you will make me a Gm, If not i will still Help the server in any means necessary.
Very Happy


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