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Gm app for xXOkami

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Gm app for xXOkami

Post  xXOkami on Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:19 am

IGN: xXOkami

AGE: 12

EXPERIENCE: I have been a gm on a few other servers, such as Pixelstory, BunnieMS, and Pocketstory.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED GABOMS: I have played for about 5 days and I totally love this server. Very Happy

HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT THIS SERVER: I can benefit this server by spotting hackers, hosting events, and helping other people as they play(like when they're a begginer i could show them around).

ANYTHING ELSE:I have played GMS for about 2 yrs and Pservers for about 1 year. I would like to be a gm on this server but if not im still ok with it. I still will enjoy this server any way it is. I can play for about 5hrs each day on weekdays(25hrs total) and about 6-7hrs (12-14hrs) every day on weekends. Ty for reading my app. Very Happy

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