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Post  Cheeseburger on Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:43 am

There has been many different link showing different rules. So i just wanted to show you all of them in one page.

1. NO HACKING- I don't know why you would hack in a private server

2.Spamming- when you type something repetitively just to get your message out.

3.Scamming- Tricking someone to get you something.

4.Language- Yes, we all are teens but still, be positive. Very Happy

5.Begging- Begging a gm for scrolls or mesos.

6.No Summoning- phoenix, Octo, beholder and all the rest.

7.NO SUMMONING BAGS- This includes zakume and Horntail

8.No Spawning in Fm22- We had to deal with a user summoning Pianus yesterday.

9. DO NOT ABUSE GM POWER- summoning Zakume, Horntail or others to lag server.

10.GM's cant give items unless authorized by an event- giving away scrolls

11.Do NOT Beg For GM

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!! Very Happy Razz Very Happy Razz

RED=Overall Rules Green=Rules to keep server from lagging Blue=Gm rules

I put a lot of effort into this so i hope it helps. Laughing


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Post  Andrew on Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:33 pm

Im going to put these rules on the new website i made for Gabo MS i still need to make it good thanks this helped alot Razz


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